School of Computing & Digital Media

School of Computing & Digital Media

Every parent understands that learning computer skills isn't a luxury--it's a necessity. Fortunately, there are wonderful software programs for every learning level. Whether you're starting to teach tiny hands how to handle a keyboard, or to teach a big kid how to create a powerful-looking report, you can find a software program to help your child master computing and have them beaming with pride.

Many children have access to computers now-a-days only to use it to play games or browse social network websites. Children need guidance to fully utilize a computers capabilities. Through SCDM's program, children gain a solid understanding of the computer as a valuable learning tool.  Not only will children master basic computer skills, they develop academic readiness skills in math, science and reading as well as creative skills to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Computer technology benefits schools and their students by varying the lessons taught in the classroom. The California Research Bureau explains computers allow teachers to present lessons to the entire class using projection technology to incorporate graphics such as pictures and video, allowing greater opportunities than those available on the traditional chalk or white boards. Other benefits for students include the use of simulation software allowing students to learn by interacting with the computer software using the variety of media available on the computer.

Students learn at a young age how to use computers to generate reports, type essays and research homework assignments.

Computer skills learned in middle school and high school will benefit students during higher education courses and their careers. Students as young as 12 learn how to create Power Point presentations, video projects and photo slideshows.

Students who are introduced to computer courses at an early age adapt quickly to advances in technology, and typically do not fear additional training and new concepts as adult learners.

According to the California Research Bureau computer technology is important in schools because it allows students to develop skills they can use throughout the rest of their lives. Software applications, such as word processors and spreadsheets are often taught in computer technology environments in schools. Using computers in schools also allows students to develop multimedia reports and learn to use multiple references.

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The curriculum is designed in such a way that the students learn from the basic applications in computer like Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc to advance Designing & Development applications. Unlike other institutes and academies, SCDM focuses on building a strong foundation and understanding of overall computing among students.

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"Being a media student I had to do different types of projects like; making short films, advertisements, photography, etc. after attending the training program at SCDM, working on projects became far easier for me. The training program is not only useful in college but also will help me in my career."

- Bhagyashree Jadhav, TY BMM Student, Patkar Varde College, Mumbai